Is the EAP right for me?

Things to consider when deciding if the EAP is right for you.

Is this service right for you?

Both the University's Staff Counselling Service and MCL Medics provide access to short-term therapy (Brief Therapy Intervention) for singular issues that come up in the present day, such as personal issues or work-related stress.

You will benefit from using either the University's Staff Counselling Service, or the service provided through the EAP, and here are some things to consider:

The University Staff Counselling Service
MCL Medics (EAP)
Counsellors have a wealth of knowledge of understanding the needs of University employees MCL Medics are an established Employee Assistance Programme provider who work with a range of employees across different organisations
They are currently offering services in person, by video via Microsoft Teams, and by telephone You can access their counselling services by email or by calling the freephone number (see above)
Waiting times can fluctuate as the service is part-time MCL Medics EAP aim to provide counselling services within 2 to 7 days