Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the EAP you may find a response here in our FAQs.

Q. Is the EAP free?

A. Yes

Q. If I attend an initial assessment appointment at the Staff Counselling Service, can I then opt for the EAP?

A. Yes, as part of your initial assessment appointment, the Staff Counsellor will explore support options with you.  This includes accessing the EAP. 

Q. Can I attend counselling with both services at the same time.

A. No

Q. If I access counselling via the EAP, can I then get more counselling sessions from Staff Counselling afterwards?

A. Both services offer short term counselling.  We wouldn’t expect you to access counselling via the EAP and then immediately request more counselling via the Staff Counselling Service (or vice versa).  If, however, at a later date, and in relation to a different matter, you wish to access short term counselling again, you can contact either service. 

Q. Will you make the referral to the EAP for me? 

A. No.  Both services work on a self-referral only basis. 

Q. I’ve contacted MCL Medics to enquire about accessing the EAP and haven’t heard back within the timescale you quoted me (2 working days).  What should I do?

A. Please contact Dr Michelle Wareing (MCL Medics Service Manager) at: and she will chase this up for you.

Q. Why have I received an appointment email from MCL Medics from an email address that does not accept replies?

A. MCL Medics’ case management system generates automated emails.  If you need to respond to MCL Medics (e.g. to change your appointment) then please contact them at