Other benefits of the EAP

Legal and Financial help. Health and Wellbeing Resources.

The EAP provides access to a legal and financial helpline which supplies information and financial advice on a range of issues you may need help with.  

An online portal and App offer a library of health and wellbeing resources.

Legal information and financial helpline

The EAP programme can also provide clients with a one off legal signpost call to provide advice and information around legal matters.  This covers a range of issues;

  • Employment issues within the workplace
  • Commercial and Company law
  • Data protection (GDPR)
  • Housing (owner occupied and rented)
  • Consumer issues
  • Family and relationship difficulties
  • Personal injury
  • Road traffic accidents and Motoring Offences
  • Small claims court proceedings
  • Pensions, Tax and welfare benefits
  • Neighbour issues
  • Criminal law
  • Power of attorney, Wills, Probate and Bereavement

The service is available during the working week.  08:30am - 5:00pm Mon-Fri.